About us

At Lilian Magna Detox Spa, we offer a number of treatments to help you achieve your goal. Whether it is to get rid of swelling, bloating and water retention, recover from surgery, getting you to feel your best before a vacation, or just relaxation. Our treatments are designed and tailored to your specific needs. Aside from our signature Brazilian Detox Massage, we also specialize in Post-Op, pregnancy, and cavitation treatments.

The journey to a healthier you starts here!



"Beautiful Lillian, It was such a pleasure to meet you and I'm really thankful for an amazing treatment you gave me. You are so skilled and knowledgeable, its really hard to find a therapist like you! I felt amazing during the massage and now 2 days later I'm still feeling and seeing the effects.
I've had massages around the world in the high-end spas, yours was top level.
If my and your schedule permit, I would love to do the series of treatments and maintenance, Lymphatic drainage massage is something that should be part of lifestyle, so I'm extremely happy that I've found such fantastic therapist like you."


"It's been an amazing journey with Lilian. I'm feeling more confident and healthy!."


"Thank you so much for a wonderful massage and experience. I feel so much better and less bloated! I can't wait to come back for another session . Lilian is awesome and extremely professional. Her spa is welcoming, clean and in a great location. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking wellness and self care."


"Sorry to message you this early, but I have to share that a pair of paints that were so tights on Monday that I couldn't wear them at work, because the zipper wouldn't go up on my stomach, today I'm wearing it at work without any problem."


"Lilian! Such a treat meeting you. I've set up all the appointments. Thank you for gifting us with your talent."

Lina Hollis

"Serene and beautiful ambiance...it was perfect for relaxation and healing...Lilian is so warm and welcoming...I will be back :-)"